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At a glance: who we are

The European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (EIIR) is an independent European non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of interdisciplinary research on innovation and sustainable development. We are a network of research scientists and decision makers spanning the worlds of academia/research, the private sector and different levels of public governance across the EU and internationally. Our research activities engage four broad strategic areas that play a crucial role in the process of innovation and sustainable development: science and research, industry and organizations of civil society, governance, public policy and regulatory bodies, and broader stakeholder organizations of civil society. Our research concentrate on the economic, organizational, technological and policy/governance dynamics of innovation, and the evolution corporate, regional and state strategies of innovation, competitiveness and sustainable development. We undertake this work in collaboration with leading academic/research institutions, private business organizations, national and regional governments across the EU, and international organs such as the European Commission, the OECD, and the UNDP.Read more here

In focus:

EIIR, after extensive consultations with its key stakeholders across academic/research institutions, business organizations, and the policymaking community at national, regional and EU levels, has launched a long-range interdisciplinary research program on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (henceforth 4IR). The goal of the program is to analyze the 4IR as a historical phenomenon, map and assess its main drivers, impacts and ‘enabling framework conditions’ for its realization and the possible future development scenarios embedded in it, in the context of the challenges associated with the Covid pandemic and the emerging and uncharted geopolitical and geo-economic landscape. The methodological canon underpinning the research is that the potential benefits of the 4IR are neither pre-determined nor automatically given by the technologies involved. The program focuses on two broad broad sets of dynamics associated with two distinct but interrelated visions: the techno-economic paradigm of Industry 4.0 and the more recent socio-technical paradigm of the concept of Industry 5.0. Read a detailed description of the program here.

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